Moving documents between projects

Is it possible to move a document from one project to another? I like to have a “notebook” folder for generating ideas in and then to move things out if they take root.

Just bumping this, anyone know if it is possible?

I don’t know of a way to do it directly :frowning: I’ve exported a file to Dropbox, and then imported it into a different project. That’s a kludge, tho – I’m waiting with you to find out if there’s a better way.

While I don’t think this is a feature on the iOS version (yet?), but have you tried the Scratch Pad feature on the OS X version?

Thanks, I don’t think there is either, or at least I can’t find it. I don’t actually have OSX there isn’t an option in the profile for just iOS.

Some forum admin should fix that!


p.s. I also think the answer to your initial question is ‘No’, but it seemed like such an obvious want, I thought I should hang back until someone with authority dropped by and gave us the final word on this.

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99% certain it’s not possible in iOS version (not for lack of trying on my part). As gr indicated, however, perhaps someone from the High Court will weigh in. The only procedure close to what you’re asking for seems to be Silverdragon’s Dropbox workaround, though in my opinion it’s too cumbersome to be worth the effort.

Silverdragon’s Dropbox solution doesn’t seem neither “kludgy” or particularily “cumbersome” to me. Export from one project. Import into another. How much simpler can it be?

It could be a simple as the Scratch Pad, which is what (I assume) the OP is looking for in the mobile version. Personally, I don’t fault iOS Scrivener for not having a Scratch Pad, since I don’t use it in desktop Scrivener.

Thank you for the kind words! It is simple and non-cumbersome, I think - but having to send something to the Dropbox server and then re-download it (which is what I’m really doing) seems kludgy to me in the extreme. A more elegant solution would not involve the Interwebs in what should be a strictly internal-to-the-device (if not app) operation.

I think it all depends on how much text you want to move. With only a small quantity of text you could always copy-paste, but if you want to move several documents with subdocuments, exporting and importing is probably the only way.
In Mac Scrivener you can do it by having two projects open simultaneously and move between windows, but that’s not possible in iOS.

Well, I feel silly.

Here’s a little free (i.e., ad supported) app I found:

File Manager (FREE) by TapMedia Ltd

It’s one of tens of similar free apps so no choice restrictions here… All it does is provide a “hard disk” on your iOS device so you can save files, transfer files, zip/unzip files, etc. between apps. So now I can export a file from a scrivener project to File Manager, switch projects, and use “open in…” from File Manager to add it to the second project. The file will stay in File Manager until I delete it, so I can copy to as many projects as I like.

So no more involving Dropbox and the Interwebs, just a similar on-device solution.

There is also no option for Linux + iOS which right at this second is my only desktop option FWIW

When you do that are you exporting as a scrivener file or as text? I haven’t found a way to just export the file as is on iOS. Google drive seems to also work well for quickly exporting and importing text files. Simplenote doesn’t seem to work at all, I just get the file pathway for the original file. Like:



You have to export/import as text. If you try to move specific sub-files within a Scrivener project, both projects will probably crash.

I should think that RTF is the right choice (and this will work with docs with embedded images too).

I almost posted a reply suggesting that you open the project on your Mac, then Sync with External folder, so you get the rtf-files, which you could then open in a text-handling app on the iDevice, and from there “Open in…” the iOS app, but I managed to restrain myself from trying to joke about the sync-problems people have had. :stuck_out_tongue:

What gr said.

To be clear, I’m tapping the export icon for a particular file, the one that’s in the bottom toolbar of the editor, and choosing “Open in another app.” What I’m exporting as is “RTF”, because that’s Scriv’s native internal format. I’m not invoking Compile, nor am I exporting the entire project via the Projects page. Just one file, original scope of the discussion. :slight_smile:

Simplenote as I understand it, uses only plain text files so it’s not a way to transfer a file from one Scriv project to another and preserve formatting.

Thank you for your restraint, lunk. :wink: