Moving documents between projects

Hello. Please could you tell me how to move a document or a group of documents from one project to another. Thank you.

I’m afraid that since you can’t have two projects open at once there is no direct way to do that. You would have to open each document, and then use the share function and Send a Copy to export the file as a text document, and then import that to the other project. Or copy and paste the text between documents in each project.

If you can’t open more than one project at a time you are not getting your money’s worth. Something is very wrong.

I regularly have as many as 5 projects open at once. Big Sur, Catalina, Sierra, M1 MBP, 2016 MB, 2011 MBA. Never had a problem.

As to moving docs, there are menu commands, but they seem a bit arcane.

The best way, in my experience, is to drag the source file window (open) to the right farther than the width of The Binder. Then, open the target file. Next, select the source file from the Window menu, which puts that window, offset, over top of the target file.

Select the docs you want to move in The Binder of the source file, and simply drag them into The Binder in the target file.

Wait too long, and the target file goes on top. Also, this is more a copy/paste than a ‘move’, because the source file docs do not move out of the source file (you can always delete them later if you wish).

Then, go back to the source file and drag the window back where you want it. Easy Peasy. My co-writer and I collaborate like this all the time over Dropbox, and it works pretty seamlessly.

Psst… the OP was posted in the iOS part of the forum… ;)

I don’t want this to be a pile on – it’s an easy mistake to make, one that all of us make if you stay here long enough – but there may be some people who benefit from this. You can easily tell which forum section you are in by the breadcrumbs above the title:


If you’re using the “Unread posts” filter and opening the various posts at the “last read” point, you may find yourself scrolled down the thread. It’s usually good to scroll up and confirm where you are at before you reply to anything.

There are no such breadcrumbs if you read the forums on an iOS device.

There are on my iPad 3 in both landscape and portrait orientations. :slight_smile:


Not on my iPhone 12 Pro in either orientation.

Thank you for the caveat about mobile readers – taken to heart.

On an iPad the forum section is visible at the top of the page but not on an iPhone. But… on an iPhone it is visible in e.g the Unread list for each post:


Still, it’s easy to miss.

Sorry I didn’t make it clear I’m on iPad only (I don’t have a laptop or desktop)

Thanks for replying. This is disappointing, I’d assumed the Move function would do it. I have been copying and pasting but it’s annoying as I have to keep going back to also copy the synopsis, status, notes and labels :frowning:

I feel your pain. I just came here to ask this same question after being unable to figure out how to reference a doc outside of it’s binder.

Is moving documents between projects on iOS a feature that could be added in the future? It would be super helpful in the draft phase of writing to share my planning documents.


There are no plans for it, but I suspect if there ever were, it would be more along the lines of how the desktop handles it: you can copy material to other projects, and if you so desire to have them moved, follow it up with a command to move the originals to the trash. That way you only need one new feature, and not two, because once you add one, you’re definitely going to start getting requests for adding copy as well as move. :slight_smile:

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