Moving files: how do you make a location appear in ‘recents’ list

This is a problem I always have. When moving files folders the list of target locations is unusable as you can’t search and when you have hundreds of locations and sub folders Etc it would take forever to find the one you want and scroll around.

At the top there is a handful of recent locations yet I cannot find the mevhanism to get a location added to it. I thought I could SIMOLY look at or edit a file or folder and it would appear there but it doesn’t. I’m sure I’m missing something simole but can anyone tell me what I need to do to get a pre existing file or folder to appear in that recents list? Thanks :slight_smile:

ETA: A poster kindly pointed out to me that your question is for iOS Scrivener but my answer is for the desktop. Sorry for missing that! :anguished: I’ll leave my reply here in case it’s helpful to someone using desktop Scriv.

I’m not 100% clear on how you’re trying to move items around, but assume you’re click/dragging from a location in the Binder and dropping to a different location in the Binder.

I’ve found it’s easier to click/drag from a location in the Binder to a location in the Outliner. The operation would look like this:

  1. Display the Binder. Display the Outliner in the left editor.
  2. Position the Binder to the Item in the From location.
  3. Position the Outliner to the To location.
  4. Draft and drop from the Binder to the Outliner.

You could also set up an Outliner in the left and right editors, and move from one Outliner to the other.

Other methods are right click on Binder item and select Move To. Or Documents > Move To. Maybe this the method you’re currently using?

I know that doesn’t answer your specific question, but hopefully it’s helpful. :nerd_face:


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No one? What I was trying to decsribe is that on iOS scriv when you hit edit and select a single or multiple files, then hit ‘move’, so that the list of target locations within the project comes up, the handful of ‘recent’ locations at the top does not display recently used, edited moved or created files or locations. I have no idea how to trigger a file or folder’s appearance in that recents list which is the only way it would be functional and the only practical way to move large amounts of folders or files around a large project. Could someone please help thanks :slight_smile: Ive been experimenting with everything I can think of editing moving creating Etc but nothing seems to create an entry in that recents list I just notice it seemingly randomly has some locations and can’t work out the trigger

Ok, I think I’ve got a handle on some things that are going on, so that you can resolve this…

First of all, there are in Scrivener iOS two lists with the same name, or three depending on how you count: Recent.

  • Recent reached from touching the active title — the project name or current folder, from top of the left pane — acts as you expect - notes down files and folders you have recently visited. The same for the Recent Documents that you can reach via the Clock icon over the right-hand editor pane.

  • But this top-level Recent isn’t what’s presented when you are in Edit | Move: the Recent in the list of destinations on the panel there.

  • then, this Recent, I also found a bit lacking, until I realized what it is, simply a list of places you have recently used in Edit | Move itself…to move items into. So once you’ve successful moved one or more items to a folder, that folder will appear in the Edit | Move | Recent list. This can help for certain of your multiple move scenarios, I think you’ll see, though not for your first time where you’re experiencing the problem.

  • So what you are meant to do , in Edit | Move, is to locate your destination folder within the Binder hierarchy that in simple form lists out under the Binder label on the same panel, and simply tap it…I’ll come back to this, but that’s what you do.

  • I’d note also that there is or can be a Bookmarked Folders list on the Edit | Move display, which you can have added to previously by doing the slide-left move on a folder name, and then tapping the blue More button of those that appears, then Add to Bookmarks on its list.

  • As a side point, here are a number of other features hidden in there, including Quick Reference, which you can look into later as a way to put a previous note in the left pane while you write on a current one normally.

  • Last, I did find what appears an obscure bug, which I’ll write up separately for @AmberV . It’s that all this works fine, except for projects created using the Short Stories template, and if you are trying to move an item from Research to somewhere in the Manuscript there.

So, hope I haven’t confused by these extra items – again, you won’t see folders listed under Recent until you’ve actually moved something to them once. It’s a helper just for Moves. But you will see all folders in the Binder list there, normally. And you could add a folder to the Bookmark list to show up there, if that also would be a convenience.

Scrivener iOS has a lot of abilities, while as with many Apple programs, some number of them wait for you to discover the appropriate ‘magic’ move before they become visible. That slide-left…

Best fortune, and more of that should appear as frustration is let go :slight_smile: