Moving Folders Around

When I click on a folder and drag it to a new location, it becomes a subset of the folder I move it near. How can I move a folder so that the folder retains its functionality as a folder? For example, right now I have:
Chapter One

Scene A
Scene B
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Say I decide that Chapter 3 really ought to be where Chapter 2 is. I can easily re-name it. But the problem is that when I click and drag Chapter 3 up, Scrivener puts it here:
Chapter One

Scene A
Scene B
Chapter 3
Chapter 2

I don’t want the Chapter 3 folder stuck under Chapter One. I want it to retain its functionality as a folder like Chapters One and 2.

When you are dragging the chapter and get it to the correct vertical location, drag it a bit to the left. While dragging, a little red line with a circle will appear to show where it will go to when dropped. The red line shows the vertical position after the drag; the circle at the left end of the line shows the horizontal position – i.e. whether it will be a daughter of the item above or an independent item.

Hmmm. This doesn’t happen in my version. I don’t get a little red line with a circle, no matter how far to the left I drag the folder. I only get a black vertical line placement. I’ll try to dig around inside Scrivener and see if I’ve got something incorrectly set up… (I’m on a Mac OS X)


(I’m assuming we’re talking about the Binder: in the Binder the horizontal line with a circle on the end is dark blue.)

Hold down “Alt/Option”. To quote from the Manual (page 51, my electronic copy):

“Holding down the Option key while dragging will inhibit the ‘Drop on’ feature,
making it easier to move siblings amongst one another.”


Weird. It’s red in my Binder. (Scriv 2.02; OS X 10.6.4).

Note that if in Scrivener>Preferences:Navigation you have the option selected for “option-dragging creates duplicates,” then this trick with the option key won’t work.

The placement line color in the binder is determined by system’s highlight color, set in System Preferences:Appearance. Mine’s green. :wink:drag placement in binder.pngThe circled file will become the new parent container; the line indicates precisely where the dragged item will go. If you’ve turned off option-dragging creates duplicates, then holding down the option key while you drag will prevent you from dragging onto non-container documents, but since in your case you’re accidentally dragging into the Chapter folder anyway (which is a container document), I don’t know how helpful that will be.

As nicka said, try dragging a little to the left, and watch where the circle lands. You’ll want it to be on the Draft folder, presumably (whatever’s the next level above your chapter folders). If you collapse the folders first by clicking the disclosure arrows, you’ll find it easier to drag. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts ctrl-cmd-arrow key to move documents around, so if you do drag it accidentally into a chapter folder, just hit ctrl-cmd-left arrow to bump it out to where it ought to be.

Thanks for clearing that up, MM.

I think the keyboard shortcuts for promoting and demoting items in the binder use Control-Command with the arrow keys, not Option-Command (unless this is another preference setting I have forgotten, of course). (See p. 51 of the manual.)

Augh, no, you’re absolutely right, it’s ctrl-cmd-arrow. I just mistyped. :blush:

Am I missing something?
Looks like MM typed it right both times: Ctrl + Cmd?

Shhh, I secretly went back and edited the first post. :wink:

Don’t worry, mate. Your secret’s safe with me, at least. Never mind the other pairs of eyes. :laughing:

All of these comments are great. Thank you so much. I’m totally new to Scrivener – just started playing with it yesterday – and I can tell it’s going to be great once I get the hang of it. My husband played around with it today and found that Scrivener wouldn’t let me drag a folder vertically up AND horizontally to the left anywhere I wanted. I had to position the dragged folder at the bottom of all files within another folder for it not to get sucked into the other folder. I had essentially been dragging my folder into another folder rather than positioning the folder correctly so that it would remain a folder rather than becoming a sub-folder. Bottom line: I got the click-and-drag thing to work. And I appreciate your tips on short-cut keys.