Moving folders between projects

Please don’t laugh (too loud) if this is obvious but I can’t figure it out. I made a folder and added some documents in the wrong Scrivener project. I would like to move the to the correct project. How do I do that? Thanks!
p.s. At this point, I’m even willing to MERGE projects if that is possible.

I think you’re out of luck, here. This thread talked about moving files between projects:


The conclusion was that there’s no way to do this inside Scrivener, although some workarounds were discussed. :frowning:

Thanks Silverdragon. I was afraid of that.

Hang on. You say you have Mac and Windows … with Scrivener on them? Open both projects in the Mac version—I can’t speak for Windows[1]—and simply drag the file(s) from the binder of the wrong project into the appropriate place in the binder of the right project.

You can’t do it easily on the iOS version, but you can on the Mac.

[1] But I imagine you can using the Windows version too.

Thanks xiamenese.

I logged this as a wish list request here: … =4&t=35956

Doesn’t seem doable on ios. Doable but clunky on the desktop version. I tried it on the Windows version today and may go back and compare with the Mac implementation to see if has the same “doesn’t rename the MAC equivalent of the .SCRIVX item” problem I spotted on Windows. I know the Scrivener/Mac App has different files, etc., so it’s possible it works better there.

Anyway, thanks!

Clunky? In what way? You open both projects in Scrivener and then drag the document or folder from the binder in project A and drop it wherever you want it in the binder of project B, resulting in a clean copy from A to B. What’s clunky about that? Super-easy I would call it.

I haven’t tried it on Mac yet but when I drag the file to the new project, the Windows version leaves the file in the old folder, too. Maybe Mac actually moves it. If so, great, Mac users are set! Windows users have some clean up. I called that (along with the Save As alternative which leaves the .scrivx file named the old way. What does that hurt? Not sure. Doesn’t seem like a good idea for me to go poking around in the .scriv folder renaming .scrivx file.) clunky. Bad choice of words? Perhaps.

But as the help page mentions, the dragging option has a few downsides related to meta-data. The Save As option also has downsides. Seems like adding this feature to the Move option makes sense to make it work consistently and safely.

Let’s be honest … this request will be added to the “Never going to happen list” anyway. No sense wasting more time on it.