moving from trial to paid

Just used the trial version during nano camp and then paid for the license. I assumed I would just enter the license code in the windows app to reactivate it, but it won’t let me take any actions.

I assume I should just download the software again, but being risk averse wanted to confirm that’s the best way to proceed and that the files and settings created during the trial will then simply be recognized by the new download version.

By the way, thanks again for creating and supporting such helpful tools.

Was there a special NaNo version you were using recently? I haven’t kept up, and am only really aware of the November NaNo trial, which lasts from late October to the first few days of December of that year, and doesn’t accept a license, I don’t think…

Your projects will be safe, just be sure that you know where they are–if you uninstall it and then re-install, the recent projects list will be blank at first.

Which settings are you concerned about? The stuff under Tools->Options? If so, there are buttons in that pop-up window for exporting and importing your settings. The settings related directly to a specific project are saved within the project itself, so you don’t have to worry about losing keywords or customized statuses. If you’ve tweaked the compile settings, those should be stored in the project itself.

Thanks RDALE. They ran a similar free trial license during NaNo camp in April. I’m not too worried about the settings, since I haven’t done anything very advanced with them. Mostly just paranoid about the files.

I know it’s standard for content files to be saved separate from program files, but just wanted to make sure it made sense to re-download the software since I was expecting to just be able to enter the new license number in the software I already downloaded for the trial.

If you still can’t enter a license number after the download & reinstall, you may just want to contact L&L support directly for sales questions: