Moving index cars to change order of cards in corkboard view

I have all index cards on screen in corkview and want to be able to move them around to improved the order/sequence of the story. However, nothing moves when I grab, move and drop. Above the header bard it says multiple selections. So, how do I get it to a place that I can freely move the cards around and get things in the right order?

Select one container (folder or file group) at a time. Alternatively, select more than one container at a time for stacked corkboards (manual section 8.2.8.) Here’s a recent thread on the subject:
Control what’s displayed on Corkboard?
Hope this helps!

Fairly new user. So my goal is to be able to see all the cards for each label I’ve used so that I can re-order them and then use them to begin writing in the editor. Looks like when I selected each one in the binder and view in corkboard, I’m multiple selecting, I can see the cards but not move them. I see Multiple selections in the window about the header bar. So, what can I do to NOT see multiple selections and can move the cards around the corkboard ? Thanks for your help!

@kennr65, multiple selections can work, it depends very much on what you select. Are you looking at the Binder (the list/sidebar on the left)? Only select things that have a disclosure arrow beside them. (These are either folders or document groups.) You’ll be able to move the cards inside them. If you select more than one, you’ll be able to move the cards inside them and also between them.

But if you select by searching on a label, or by control-clicking on all the things with the same label, well, that won’t work. It’s because the corkboard can’t know what other cards are in the way.

If you are very new to Scrivener, may I suggest that you use the Interactive Tutorial project? You can get to it from the Help menu. It’s a project that can help you learn Scrivener’s basic features, including corkboards. Take an hour or three, and read it. Try everything it describes, even if the text doesn’t say “do this now.” You can always reset it; you can’t mess it up.

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I tried to sent a screenshot to show binder to show my binder setup. I think this is where my problem is. Is there another way to do this? Can I only see the cards with the triangles? Moving cards was one of the main reasons I went to Scriv and now it seems to be a major roadblock instead.

You can only move cards if the cards are all inside one or more of the containers (“cards with triangles”), and they are at the top level inside the container(s).

Right now I can’t put together screen shots to show you, but if you’ll be patient, please, I’ll try to get to it later today. (I’m just another user, not tech support.)

I’ll keep this simple and only select one container. If I select a single container, the documents inside it appear on the corkboard. If you move those documents on the corkboard, that changes their order in the binder.

One thing you can do with labels is use the “swim lane” view (often mis-called “timeline” view.) This will sort the documents inside your container by label, like this:

You can drag a document along its “lane” to move it among the other documents with the same label. Scrivener lets you move it because you can see the documents with different labels and make sure the document you’re moving lands where you want it to among them as well.

I strongly suggest you work through the Tutorial project, or at least look at some of the instructional videos at .
They’re mostly Mac-based, but Win Scrivener and Mac Scrivener are close enough now for you to get a good idea of how things work.

Good luck with your writing!

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Oh, what the heck. Multiple containers for the win… :smiley:

Here I’ve selected both my Act 1 and my Act 2 containers:

The documents inside the containers show up as corkboard sections, called “stacked corkboards,” one for Act 1 and one for Act 2. There’s a faint line separating them. I can drag cards freely both inside each Act corkboard, and between Act corkboards. These changes show up in the binder.

Here’s how it looks with “swim lanes” activated:

Again, I can freely drag between the corkboards as well as within each section.

You can expand this to as many containers as you need. I routinely select all four of my Act containers, to show all my story elements. You can even select containers inside containers, and have the hierarchy show up. You can see a little “menu” icon to the right on the same line as “Multiple Selection”; click it and you’ll have a little navigation menu to take you to the right corkboard for what you want.

What you can’t do is select items of one label only, have only items of that label showing in the corkboard, and then be able to move them. I know that’s what you want, but there’s no way to do it. I’ve demonstrated the method I know that comes closest to what you’ve said you want.

Hope this helps!

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