Moving manuscript format > novel > novel with parts

I’ve gotten 1/3 of the way on a novel, in the manuscript template format. I was working on outlining, and wanted to use the novel with parts at least see if it’s better for my work.
How can I move the content from novel to novel with parts? :slight_smile:
Thanks, DrWeb

You can create a new project from that other template and then, with both projects side by side, drag the documents from one binder to the other.
As simple as that.

This said, this would somewhat be a waste of time, as any project can morph to any shape you want.
It is only a matter of how comfortable you’d be in recreating sections types etc based on one template into a pre-existing project.

Visually, you wouldn’t gain anything off of using a different template vs your project as it already is.
The difference is almost exclusively at the compile level, regarding how convenient/simplified the operation would have been (pre)made for you.
But everything is tweakable.

Use folders, files, files group, icons, label colors.
Anything that may help differentiate your documents.
That is no different from one template to another.


Exactly the help I needed, thank you…
Great help!

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