Moving scenes in the binder.

It appears I’ve made a huge blunder by upgrading to Scrivener 3 while in the midst of a final edit. Things work very differently than they did Scrivener 2. However what’s done is done. My current problem it involves moving scenes around in the binder. Before I could you click and drag, but that isn’t working now. Yet, when I went into the manual, that’s exactly what it told me to do. If I wanted to put scenes in a different order, I could simply click and drag. However that doesn’t work now. So what is the procedure for re- sequencing things in the binder?

Wellll, you probably could step back more easily than you might think. When you updated your project, a backup in v2 format was created, and you could download Scrivener 2.9, register it with your v3 number if necessary, and finish off this book in a comfortable and familiar environment, if you wish.

That aside, of course click and drag is still a thing. We haven’t changed that, and in fact click and drag is way more powerful in v3 than before. More likely you’re running into a rare-ish macOS bug that can impact software in a very transient and localised fashion. It sometimes goes with a reboot or a reinstall of the software. Whatever the case, you certainly needn’t learn how to use Scrivener without click and drag. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, if you’re having issues getting that problem cleared and don’t want to step back to 2x for now, I’ve always used ⌃⌘↑ and for small moves (left and right also work on the Corkboard). For larger moves, Documents ▸ Move To ▸ will get your item from one end of the binder to the other.