moving text from docs to synopsis

I fairly often find myself wanting to chunk up a document into lots of smaller ones, which can be done easily with cmd-k. However I’d also like to to move the text in the body of that document to the synopsis, because that’s generally what it becomes. The nature of doing this means I’m generally doing a load in one go, and between cutting and pasting, splitting the editor to deal with the original and the destination document, and juggling which document is in focus, it gets rather fiddly.

A simple ‘paste transfer selected text to this document’s synopsis’ command would help a lot. That way, I’d just cmd-k my way through the main document, then go through the resulting documents one by one selecting and hitting the command. An en masse version would be even better…

Or is this already possible in some way? I think there’s a way to do with with Notes, but that’s not what I’m after.

Select all the documents, then choose Documents>Auto-Generate Synopses. That will copy the first 500 characters of each document into its synopsis.

That will also do nicely… providing I can keep my summaries short…

If you do it individually for each document instead of in a batch, you can select all the text specifically and then use the Auto-Generate Synopsis button in the inspector (right-hand icon in the synopsis header) to set your assigned text. That will move all of it in (though it removes empty lines), although given that you want to be able to read it on the index card you probably don’t want to make your synopses too lengthy. :slight_smile:

To be honest, I don’t tend to use the synopses in cards, just in Outline view.