Moving text from one project to another

There is a section of text in Research in Project One which I want to use in Project Two. How do I copy the text across?

While both projects open, Copy/Paste? Or drag and drop the entire document from one to the other?

You can select any number of binder items in one project and use the Documents ▸ Copy To Project submenu to target any open project, and specifically a place within that project if you wish. This will do a pretty full copy of the items, by the way, including notes, synopsis and metadata.

You can only have one project open at a time in Scrivener.

Mac Scrivener can have many projects open in separate windows. Are you asking about iOS Scrivener?

Since I am “you”, just to let you know before I made that suggestion to you, i tested the idea by opening two projects in Scrivener on iMac and I successfully copy/pasted (an Apple OSX feature) and dragged/dropped full files (another Apple OSX feature) --both used in Scrivener.

Thanks for your advice. I’ve been able to move files from research in one project over in another project. Not difficult at all once you know how!