Moving things in Binder

Having a fun old time trying to move things about.

Firstly when moving a scene up and down a little + appears. Now I don’t know about Mac, but in Windoze that means you are about to ADD something to something IE if you are over a Scene you are about to add a sub scene. In Win vernacular it should change to something else when it is between items. (I think that makes it a bug.)

It took me ages to work out how to move things cause of this and also the spacing in binder is so tight it is VERY difficult to see if you are on top of, or between, items. If there was a way to make it clearer that would be great (is the font or spacing for Binder variable).

Back to the steep learning curve.


I drag things around the binder all the time.
Just move your mouse a little to the right when dragging, i.e. half inch.
Watch for a thin black line to appear between the documents where you want to drop the file.
Drop the file or files when you see the thin black line.
Takes a little practice but it works well.

Yep I have seen that … but compared to the way it is set up in Windowze and I suspect Mac it is a LOT more unforgiving. The "activation area for dropping into a folder goes right the way to the edge of the icon, or so it seems. If it stopped a little short it would be a lot easier. It is just a minor UI design question and, yes, when you have learned it and use it carefully it works but there is no good reason why it should be quite so unforgiving - well the god reason might be encoding a bigger null area between the icons might be difficult - I have done this lots in HTML but not in Win design environment.