Moving to a New Mac

I am certain this information is somewhere, but I can’t find it. I bought an Air and downloaded everything from my old iBook onto an external hard drive. The program seemed to load up fine – but is that what I should have done?

Big problem is that I have one big book project (I’m new to Scrivener) and the Scrivener on the Air will import only 4 of 44 files… then nothing. Did I corrupt something? The project still opens easily on the iBook.


Before you attempt to transfer a Scriv project between machines, ZIP the project file. You may do this in the Finder (File: Compress) or from within Scrivener (File: Backup Project to…).

If the two machines (A-B) are networked, use the Finder to select machine B, locate the Public: Drop Box, and drag the file from A to B. Otherwise, transfer the file via a USB flash drive.

Same procedure should apply if you want to backup files to an external hard drive, a network drive like iDisk or MobileMe, or any storage unit you reach via FTP. Always ZIP the project file first.

Thank you very much. I’ll go back to square one – and assume there was no problem moving the Scrivener program using my external hard drive.