Moving to new computer?

Hello all,

Best I could find was some posts from 2019. Moving Scrivener 3 onto my new MBP.
Would appreciate some guidance on best practice for someone not using Migration Assistant.

Did a search through the manual – but cannot find anything definitive, apart from countless references to exporting parts of(?) preferences. Can this be done by copying a particular folder from the library, and dropping that over onto the new MBP?

There is a complete guide on migrating your preferences, presets, projects and backups in the knowledge base.

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Awesome – thank you so much!

Just got to get the download working now. Something strange going on, but trying to download latest version gives me a “server not responding error”, and has been since earlier today.

Might very well be my side – will see a reboot doesn’t fix things (might have said “no” to downloads from L&L accidentally, or some such).

It’s working fine on my end, so yes, it was probably just a temporary routing error between your geographical location and the AWS servers where it is stored.

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