Moving to new Mac and Upgrading

I have Scrivener installed on an old MacBook that is too old for V3. How is it best (step by step if you can) move to a new Mac whilst upgrading at the same time?

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  • Backup the old computer to an external drive.

  • Install Scrivener on the new computer.

  • Download and review the upgrade guide for Scrivener 2 users , here: … date-guide

  • Transfer your projects from the external drive to the new computer. This should be a simple drag-and-drop via Finder.

  • Open project(s) in Scrivener 3 as needed. It will upgrade the format for you.

  • Don’t dispose of the external drive until you’re sure everything has transferred successfully.


Thanks for the speedy reply, Katherine. When I download Scrivener onto my new machine, I assume it will be the trial version of Scrivener 3. I presume I can’t simply use my original serial number to activate the trial version since I will have to pay for the upgrade? How does that process work and how do I ask for the upgrade discount during the process?
Would it be best to download V2 to my new machine, activate it and then upgrade?
Sean Sherlock

Scrivener 2 won’t work with Big Sur, so it’s probably not an option for your new machine.

Our online store should recognize your email address and offer the upgrade discount automatically. If it doesn’t, contact us for assistance.