Multi page views

New to Scrivenerr, like it a lot but…I can only see two pages of my documents. Is that all there is possible?
We iMac users with the big screen can display 4 pages or more in MS Word, a great help in moving text around without having to scroll all the time.

I’m not quite sure what you mean - there should be as many pages as necessary. Do you mean pages across? If so, then yes, currently the only option is “facing pages” (two pages across), and no more. Further options may be added in the future.

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Thanks. Yes, across and down, I’d like to be able to take text in page 2 and post it on page 10 or page 16 without having to scroll.

Split screen?

this is why I don’t use page views in scriv but I do use lots of little doc parts. In some cases each sentence is a file. All I have to do to reorder things is move a file in the binder and presto… reordered. Once things are pretty solid I then merge the files back to scene/chapter.

There are many many was to skin a cat with scriv. Sometimes forgetting how things were done in other tools and exploring how it could be done in scriv is worth the effort.

Ah, yes, thank you; all those tricks are possible to learn eventually. I do like to keep things simple however. Perhaps in the next version I can fill the screen with pages of my documents.

One of the key strengths of Scrivener, as opposed Word, is exactly the ability that Jaysen mentioned. You can split up a manuscript into hundreds of “documents” and using Scrivening view they will appear as one long text in the edit panel. The beauty of this though is that you can then use the binder (or outliner) to move things around with great ease. This means that you don’t need to see several “pages” (remember, pages are close to meaningless in Scrivener) in order move things around. Instead, click on the containing document and drag it where you want. Or, if it not an entire document, select the text you want and drag it into it’s new document in the binder.

+1 to Nom and Jaysen.

Apart from split screen and all the other ideas, you can also open QuickReference windows and edit in those…

Another +1 to nom.

Using the Binder to move large chunks around is also much safer, as you don’t have material in limbo on the Clipboard while you find the destination to paste it. You can also use the Document -> Split/Merge commands as needed to create whatever chunks facilitate this process.