Multi screen setup with Scrivener

I am looking to update my computer hardware. Happy with Apple but thinking instead of having new Imac have Mac Mini and multiple screens (2) - Does anyone have experience of using Scrivener and dragging and dropping across screens - any help appreciated - photos of setup etc.

Many thanks

Windows version of Scrivener with 3 monitors. Options to have each screen have a different project open. for me have main novel project a scifi and then Notes project for this with worldbuilding information, prewriting notes to refer to. Third screen either has a file from bookmarks open as quick reference panel (often have multiple open at once and pull up as need the info such as location settings or character cards. I also use scapple and have all my character cards there and edit them as write. Use character cards to refer to to keep consistent or add new info as story progresses. Scapple will be open on third screen works very well. Would never work with less than two monitors. Scrivener or Qrp’s drag easily from screen to screen no issues.

On the Mac version (which looks like you have) … dragging windows from one screen to the other–just works.

Same on windows essentially 3 screens act as one but when max an app just fills one monitor screen

I work with dual monitor set up on windows and generally have no issues - Scrivener is able to adjust pretty well on the fly as you move the application from one screen to another . I particularly like using one monitor in composition mode, and then having the information pane, zotero (my citing software) and relevant quick reference panels on the other.

I will say that while Scrivener 3 does a pretty good job adjusting to the different resolutions of my two screens when I drag it across, if I launch Scrivener while my laptop is disconnected from the external monitor, it will occasionally struggle once I plug it back in (probably because I have the external monitor as my main, rather than the laptop), with context menus, for example, not always scaling correctly. Fonts might also be a bit less sharp than usual. This is easily solved by opening and closing Scrivener again while the monitor is plugged in. Or even better - have all your screens be the same resolution!

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Many thanks for all of the useful comments. Final decision is to go with Mac Mini and 2 screens (one of which is a portrait / vertical screen)