Multi-selecting compilation

Is it possible to select several documents and then mark all them at once whether they should be included in the compilation or not? I see it’s possible with label and status.

You can do this by loading the multiple selection in the outliner view and displaying View > Outliner Columns > Include in Compile. Select all in the outliner, then Alt-click on one of the checkboxes in the column to set them all on or off.

Excellent! Thank you so much.

I was researching how to change attributes for multiple items and this thread helped quite a lot. Just one suggestion. Wouldn’t it make sense to have this functionality within the inspector? Currently (for me at least) ticking a box in the inspector changes just one of the items, not all that are selected. This behavior does not seem consistent. Is there a reason for this?



The inspector only ever shows meta-data for a single item; it’s just not laid out in a way that could present the data for multiple documents (consider that the inspector shows you document-specific information like synopsis and notes as well as snapshots, keywords, references, and more–this can’t all be clearly presented simultaneously for multiple items). So while it is possible to set the “include in compile” state for an individual item in the inspector, you need to use a different view to affect multiple items simultaneously. Label and status can be set through the context menu, so could be applied to a multiple selection on the corkboard or binder; other data can be set en masse via the outliner columns.