Multilingual use

I’ve been using scrivener for 4 years now. I now live in Brazil and am learning portuguese. My question is, is there a workflow or suggestion for approaching making a document bi-lingual? I was hoping to have the main language (portuguese) in standard text and english in a subset text like italicized and smaller, etc. If this is not possible, does anyone have any suggestions for working with more than one language and a set up in scrivener?

If you have the time and patience, Scrivener + Latex supports multiple languages in the same document using the Babel package by Johannes Braams, among others. See:

and if you need to use ‘language variants’ as supported by the polyglossia package:

or search for Multilingual LaTeX for more info.


Scrive’s suggestion, though good, is mostly relevant to your Compiled output document.

For the Scrivener editor itself, the biggest issue is going to be spelling and grammar checking. You can input text in whatever language you want, wherever you want, but getting the spellchecker to use the correct dictionary can sometimes be a little tricky. The setting is in the Apple → System Preferences → Keyboard → Text pane. “Automatic by language” can become confused if you use multiple languages in close proximity.

Scrivener will not automatically assign formatting based on the language, but of course all the tools that you could use for any text are available.

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