MultiMarkdown Announcements

I know things have been quiet lately, but I wanted to announce a couple of MultiMarkdown related happenings:

  1. I am in the process of creating a new website, and MultiMarkdown is one of the first things to be moved. The new address is A new look, a new URL, some new technology, and some new content. I have not moved much from the old site yet, but it’s coming. As always, I welcome ideas for how to make it better.

  2. At the new site, you can download the latest versions of MultiMarkdown and the TextMate bundle (2.0a2):

(2.0a2 is now finalized, so even if you have another “a2” version, it might be worth the download)

  1. I have begun working on some new documentation, and it is being placed on the new site. I hope to get a big chunk of new documentation up in the next week or two. More importantly, I am working on some ways to help synchronize the wiki and the more “formal” documentation that will be released, so that it all evolves together.

  2. If you haven’t already, check out (and contribute to!) the MultiMarkdown discussion list:

  3. Once I get some documentation in place, I hope to finalize MultiMarkdown 2.0. This will include coming up with a better installer for Mac users to make updating easier. This should be in the next month or so…

That’s all I can think of now…


Do I need to update the bundle inside Scrivener?

I would hold off - anyone who wants can put the new version in:

~/Library/Application Support/MultiMarkdown

(Instructions included in the .zip)

Once I finalize 2.0, then it might be a good idea to update the MMD contained in Scrivener at the next release.


Okay, thanks - let me know when it’s finalised an I’ll update Scrivener accordingly. Nice to see you around again. :slight_smile:

My work life got a bit better for this month (including a vacation last week - much needed…)


BTW, I’ve seen some nice reviews of Scrivener in various places. Some even mentioned MMD, which made me realize that I really do need to get some higher quality documentation out there… both for me and MMD, but also for you and Scrivener.

Congrats on a fine product!

(And I mean rough… and incomplete… :slight_smile:

(The Scrivener specific guide is still in the works)’s_Guide

This lists the chapters in the users’s guide that exist so far. There is still a lot of work to do, but it’s something.

Feel free to check it out. But even better, feel free to improve it.

Right now, there is not a one-click way to edit the page (I am still making some decisions about how to run my site). But, it’s still an Oddmuse wiki, and it’s not locked down, which means you can still edit pages. I just hid the link.

To edit the page:’s_Guide

you would change the url to:; … er’s_Guide

I have a script that can pull the content of these pages and compile it into a single MultiMarkdown file, which can, of course, then be converted into whatever.

I really do welcome any input you have - and hopefully as a group we can come up with a document that is useful, easy to read, and maybe even entertaining!


The latest version of MMD has been released.

For more information, please see my web site:

This contains a few major changes, a good number of bug fixes, and more.

Should I update the package inside Scrivener, which is a few months old now?

Let me get some feedback from other users first - it works well for me, but I made one or two big changes, which always have a way of finding unintended consequences… I’d hate to cause any problems for you.

But you’re right, the one in Scrivener is getting a bit outdated… Give me a week to gather feedback and make sure there are no stupid mistakes - I put a reminder on my calendar and will email you a new copy for inclusion with Scrivener next week.


Great - thanks. I’m going to leave the Scrivener beta another week before releasing it officially, too, so the timing should work out well. :slight_smile: