Multimarkdown executable delivered with scrivener is not an arm64 binary


came across this problem after installed scrivener on a new MacbookPro M3. If I try to compile a document with MultiMarkdown to latex, scrivener crashed. The same process on a Mac mini M2pro works without a problem.

After digging deeper what could the problem, I came across, on the Mac mini is Rosetta installed, on the new MacBook not.

After installing MultiMarkdown from Homebrew, as I don’t want install Rosetta if possible, it looks like it works now.

Oh, is that why scriv crashed on me when I tried to compile mmd to html today?

(I just upgraded to a Macbook Pro M3 as well.)

Could be a possibility. If you have no old software(not for Apple M Processors) which need Rosetta, than I think, this is the same problem.

If you are not familiar with Homebrew to install multimarkdown from there, i would go with Rosetta.
Maybe it works to trigger the Rosetta installation if you call in a terminal the Scrivener multimarkdown file.

/Applications/ --help

Can’t test these as I had for another software installed Rosetta in the meantime.

That didn’t call up rosetta, but instead returned:

zsh: bad CPU type in executable: /Applications/

I don’t do anything particularly complicated with mmd and I can work around it pretty easily. But I imagine that’s not the case for everyone who uses mmd!

In any event, I had to install Rosetta for another reason, so that’s my solution.

We’ll upgrade the installer to the latest version of MMD in the next update, which should hopefully be enough to fix this (presumably, as I don’t think Homebrew would be fetching anything other than what we can fetch from Github).

I doubt it is Rosetta, as we include the 2020 6.6.0 build, which mentions being built for multiple chip architectures. It has worked on my M2 this entire time, and I don’t have Rosetta installed on any of the testing partitions.

Most likely it is just another example of M3 breaking compatibility with earlier chips, for whatever reason.