Multiple authors

Hi, I was just wondering if Scrivener supported multiple authors for the same project? Haven’t seen that mentioned as a feature on the website.

I am writing a non-fiction with one other author. We have been looking into a good application to use for organising and Scrivener seems amazing. I also work as a journalist and it looks like the tool I have been looking for the only thing is that we don’t always intend to write at the same physical location so it would be nice if we could both work in the same file without risking overwriting each others changes.

Even if this feature is not supported, does anyone have any experience using Scrivener when there are more than one authors or editors?



I am also wondering how to structure a co-writing experience with Scrivener. I would like to not only merge in the text of the scenes and chapters from the other author, I would also like to keep the notecard metadata as well as revision information, etc.

What would be ideal is to start each day with a fresh sharing of the project to each author (via email?) and then every night collect the differences back into one project, preserving everything. (This implies one person would need to act as the project librarian.)

I recognize that there might/will be collisions that need to be worked out, but as long as those are adequately preserved/flagged they can be worked out the next day.

Any suggestions?