Multiple Conflicts folders

I experienced sync conflicts twice so far between iOS and Windows.

When resolving the first sync conflict, I deleted items under the Conflicts folder once they were properly integrated/resolved.

When the second sync conflict happened, Scrivener created a new folder called Conflicts with the warning icon.

Suggestion: Look for a folder with the icon and name assigned to the conflicts folder before creating a new one. Individual conflicts have a timestamp as the folder name so collisions with previous conflicts will not happen.

It’s probably less confusing for mortals, though, to have separate Conflicts folders for separate times it may happen, though?


I vote for one folder. Multiple Conflict folders is panic-inducing.

Maybe simply change the name from (“boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom…”) CONFLICT!!! to the more gentle “ambiguity”? :slight_smile:

Having two different versions of the same text isn’t really a conflict, in the true sence of the word. It doesn’t even have to be solved. It’s just a … reminder that you probably want to look at it, and decide how to handle the differences.

Besides, “Ambiguity folder” is a more fitting name in an authoring software. It sounds less code oriented.

Hmm. I like ambiguity, on general principles.

Or at least approriate circumlocuitousness…

You may please interpret how you will :wink:

Perhaps I think good life is there…