Multiple cursors?

Does scrivener have a Multiple Cursors feature in which you alt drag the cursor over many lines and edit text all at once? It doesn’t appear to create multiple cursors when the cursor is alt dragged. This would be a useful feature as I’m in need of it now.

Click on a location, then shift-click on another. Or click, then move to the other location while holding down the cursor. Or double-click on a word. Or triple-click on a paragraph.

No, I’m not talking about selecting a whole bunch of text. I’m referring to the feature in other applications where you hold down the Alt key and drag down to create multiple blinking cursors so that you can add text to multiple lines all at once. Is this feature avaiable in scrivener?


aka “column select”. Short answer, as Mark has already said, is that no, Scrivener does not provide this feature. You tend to see this in applications that are meant to be more like programmers’ text editors, where you may reasonably need to add the same text to multiple rows at the same time (like CSV files, or commenting out the code for an entire function at once in a program/script, etc.) and not in editors that are designed to be used more with prose.

I thought as much as I’m able to do it in Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Notepad++ for my programming tasks. Thanks.

Yeah, Notepad++ and Notepad Replacer are standard installs on any Windows machine I own. I first met column select way back in the day with the classic Programmer’s File Editor (PFE) Windows application – that and PCRE search/replace are hard musts for every text editor I install now.