Multiple Drafts?

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My question is pretty simple. I’m writing a series of sci-fi novels, and I wanted to keep them all inside Scrivener, in one large Project. But when it comes to compile time, I’m having trouble with having to deselect everything in the first novel’s folder and subfolders, and everything after, say, Book 2, in order to just print Book 2, for instance. Is there a way to have multiple drafts inside one Scrivener Project? And if so, how do I go about doing it?


This is actually pretty easy to do. Just keep a folder for each book inside the Draft folder - rename the Drafts folder “Drafts” or “Books” or “Manuscripts” or whatever if you like, of course.

You don’t need to deselect everything each time you export a different book. Just select the folder containing the book you wish to compile in the pop-up button above the “Contents” table in Compile, and set the Compile Group Options to treat the current compile group as the entire draft:

(Also note that you may wish to deselect “Include selected container in list”, to remove the enclosing folder from the list of documents that will be exported.)

Doing this essentially turns on the ability to have multiple Draft folders - you select a compile group and it gets compiled as though that is the entirety of the Draft folder.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Keith! That really helped. I was thinking for a minute I would have to split the books up each into their own project, but this tip saved me. Scrivener really is a very well-thought-out writing package. I have my (relatively minor, I guess) quibbles with it sometimes, but on the whole, there are times when it really does appear you thought of everything.

Glad it helped - and thanks for the kind words!
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