Multiple footnotes in same location

I’m wondering how to create multiple footnotes in the same location, as depicted in the attached photo of a Word document. Thanks!

Inline footnotes are going to be the best tool for carrying this off. You can toggle the footnote formatting on and off with the keyboard shortcut found in the Insert menu, much like you would toggle italic formatting. The look you’d be going for is something like this:

That can be a space in the middle, or a non-breaking space (⌥Space), as you require.

Thanks, that works great.

Actually, this should be possible with inspector footnotes, too, by attaching one to the word and then another to the space following the word, but there is currently a bug that prevents this from working correctly. I have fixed this for the next update.

I found I needed to put a ", ", in superscript, between the footnotes to get them as “1, 2”. It worked great, but selecting the space between two inline footnotes is a bit fiddly.

I’m not sure how it would be any different than selecting a single space elsewhere, but if you mean with the mouse in general, I can agree it isn’t the best tool for the job when making tiny selections like that. ⇧→ works better for me, and ⌥→ will get the cursor into the right spot more easily, by jumping from the end of one word to the end of the next word.