multiple html pages

I am a newbie.

I want to create slides with Scrivener, that show each page as a separate page on a web site (probably HTML, maybe each page becomes a separate HTML file?).

The pages tend to contain text and images.

Is there a workflow / options for this kind of thing?

[Thoughts: when I Compile to a web page, Scrivener creates a .html file and an Images/ directory. I -think- that I want a cover page .html and a directory containing all pages as separate .html files. I am not wedded to this format and would be happy with other suggestions. I want to taget github pages, but keep the document in Scrivener so I can produce .PDF when wanted.]

[I see that this question has been answered many years ago, but maybe things have changed?]


This simple modification will enable will a document to all be published on a web page. Having the whole document as one huge html file is not practical.

Perhaps new HTML file per section ? or a flag on the compile, especially for html pages? ?


A partial solution?

File > Compile > ePub > Save source files in a folder with exported ePub file ā€¦ then open the compiled folder and go to Source > OPS ā€¦ and every section of the text will be in a separate XHTML file. Can then convert as necessary.

Thanks, this worked as a work around.

Seeing that all the coding work is done, why not add the option to export as website (on html page).

We travel and use Scrivener to blog. One day this will become a book, but having it to create the core of the website will be great.

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Iā€™m just wondering if the workaround is proving solid, or has issues requiring editing after export to fix them.