Multiple installations

I purchased Scrivener and currently have it installed on one machine. I have a second machine I want it on. What is the policy for installing Scrivener on multiple machines?

Hi Martin,

Check out the licence in the Help file. Basically, yes, you are free to install it on your other machine. Scrivener has what I call a “household” licence. This basically means that one licence allows you to install Scrivener on any machines you own (or a work machine that is used exclusively by you), and those of your family who live in the same house as you. So, if you have ten computers in your house that are used by you, your partner, your kids or whoever, you could install Scrivener on all of them. But you couldn’t install it on one owned by your mother if she lives in a different house - then you would need a separate licence.

Uh, hope that explains it. :slight_smile:

I see you live in lovely Norway. I just got back from a fantastic week in Rjukan. Snow! Mountains! Brilliant.

All the best,