Multiple Labels?

Is there a way to assign multiple labels to a text/folder? I’d like to keep track of things like POV character, location, etc. but I can’t find a way to assign more than one label, or a way to create multiple categories of labels.

Aside from that, first day using the software and I’m already liking it a lot. Thanks for making this available to us Windows users :slight_smile:

Definitely what Keywords are for. :slight_smile:

Labels should be a single-axis type thing where anything can only be one thing at a time. For stuff that has multiple attributes and the meta-data demands are more fuzzy, keywords are great. They are easier to search for too, using the HUD.

Hmm, I just tried that. It could be useful but I was hoping for a visual representation on the corkboard, so I can see multiple attributes at a glance when all the chapters are up in front of me, but I’ll see what I can work out.

Yeah, that’s going to be a limitation in the current release cycle. Keywords will be getting better over time in this regard. That little colour that gets assigned to them—it doesn’t do much yet, but eventually that will be used like small pieces of “tape” on the side of the card, so you can see at a glance what keywords are assigned to each card. Here is an example of what is coming down the pipe:

But the problems of viewing this stuff on the corkboard is why the labelling system has remained singular this whole time in the first place. Where would that secondary (or tertiary, because you know if there two people would ask for three!) label go? A second or third pin? That would start to look kind of dorky.

That color assignment for keywords looks great! That will work just about perfectly for what I want.

I can understand the desire to limit labels for aesthetic reasons. Multiple pins would look odd but my version wasn’t set to show pins, just a coloured tab in the corner. Having multiple labels might make my corkboard look a little like a game of Mastermind after a while, but I could live with that.

I’m very happy to hear about this future feature, I’m using Scrivener for Nano because I prefer it’s full screen environment for writing itself but I really do miss the extras that I’m used to using in SuperNoteCard, particularly those which have this functionality - it’s very helpful to be able to see multiple ‘labels’ at a glance. (Also hating the corkboard background, but since Mac users can change it I’m assuming that’s coming, too)