multiple links

G5 10.4.8

I copied this image from Firefox: … enques.jpg

(with control-click = Copy Image)

I pasted it into Scrivener (into a text inside Research folder)

Now, when I double-click on that image, there is no resize box coming.
And when I control-click on it, I obtain two times Scrivener Link… and more I double-click on the image more the words “Scrivener links” appear into the menu:


Save As Picture…

Scale image (grey)

Scrivener Link

Scrivener Link

Scrivener Link

Scrivener Link

Scrivener Link

What happens?
A little bug or a blunder from me?

Thank you for this splendid tool you’re giving us…

Just to confirm- I tried this and also got the Scrivener Link command being repeated over and over in the drop down menu. Though for me the “Scale Image” command is not greyed out and keeps working.

E (on Intel)

Yes, I’ve gotten that multiple ‘Scrivener Link’ thing as well. I failed to note the circumstances, but I definitely will from now on. I was deep in the throes of working to get some things done. Bad beta tester. :blush:

Good for you Alex. I should be writing this morning but instead I’m hanging out here and reading the latest New Scientist (Brilliant 50th anniversary issue), while listening to a BBC recording of Pinters “A Slight Ache”. Bad writer. :blush:

p.s On top of it I just noticed its not even morning any more. OOps…guess that means I can break for Lunch. :smiley:

Thanks. There are actually two parts to this, so I will address them individually:

  1. “Scrivener Llink” appears more and more the more you ctrl-click on an image. Thanks - I had missed this. Basically, every time the menu is displayed, Scrivener adds some things to it. In order to do this, it should be working with a copy of the menu which gets cleaned before Scrivener amends it. In the case of images, it was never getting “cleaned”, meaning that items kept getting added to it. This was easy to fix, and is thus repaired for beta 5.

  2. Certain images do not respond to double-clicks. Here you have run into a certain limitation in the current implementation of Scrivener, I am afraid. Only images with bitmap data can be scaled. This particular image, although it is a JPG, is, internally, a PICT file. PICT files cannot be scaled as easily. This will not be an issue very often, as the vast majority of images (including most JPG files) to have valid bitmap data that can be scaled by Scrivener. And if you do run into this issue, you should be able to convert the image in an image editing program to a format that can be scaled by Scrivener. Image scaling in Scrivener is not perfect; it works for most images, but because there is no internal mechanism in Cocoa to do this, I had to write my own, and as I am no image format expert, I had to keep it simple. Image scaling inside text can get very complicated. Hopefully Apple will implement inline image scaling - I certainly don’t want to spend much time trying to improve this until I see what Leopard brings. I will take another loook, though. I hope this makes sense.

All the best,

Hmm…Then why do I do I suceed in scaling the same image that Jean-Louis can’t?

I copied the image from the link using Copy Image contextual menu in Safari, pasted it into a Scriv file- I can resize it by double clicking or using the Scale Image contextual menu. My only issue is #1.


Interesting… The key here is that you copied it from Safari, whereas Jean-Louis copied it from FireFox. I can recreate Jean-Louis’ problem using Camino, too, so it seems to be a Mozilla thing.

Basically, this is not a problem with the image itself (even though my previous post implied that it was). If you downloaded the file and dragged it into Scrivener, it would be fine. The problem lies in using “Copy Image”. This places the image on the pasteboard. There are lots of different ways of placing image data on the pasteboard. It seems that Mozilla places images on the pasteboard as PICT data, whereas Safari does it as TIFF data. You can see this for yourself if you ctrl-click on the image and select “Save as Picture…”. You will see that the file extension of the image copied from Safari will be “tiff”, whereas for the image saved from Mozilla it will be “pict”. And, as I say, currently PICT data cannot be rescaled in Scrivener. This does mean that you will need an intermediary step to get images in from Mozilla apps if you are going to want to rescale them inside text in Scrivener…

All the best,

Guess I’ll just keep using Safari, but it’s good to know about the pict issue.
I must admit, I didn’t even know the resize command even existed - so thanks to both of you for showing me another great feature in Scrivener.


Okay, I’ve played with this, and it seems that PICT files can be scaled without any problems, so this is working for beta 5.