Multiple pages/columns (3+) for single document

Word has a great feature allowing writers to view multiple pages of their document on screen. Depending on a user’s monitor resolution and the zoom level, users can view and (and edit) several pages at once. The view I use the most allows me to view 10 pages at once (a column of 5 pages followed by another row of 5 pages below it). My zoom level makes the text small, but easily legible and editable.

I’d like to request a similar feature be considered to allow users to view/edit a single long document and have it “wrap” up to additional columns (4 or more) to the right. The benefit of this is that it allows for more efficient use of space on large monitors.

I’m requesting this feature because I prefer to do my “work” in Scrivener and leave word for the final polish before publication. But right now, I find myself doing more writing/editing in Word because this feature makes it easier.


Allowing additional horizontal/vertical split options (additional splits to allow for more windows/views) would also be awesome.

Besides Split Screen, I think the closest way to achieve what you want is through keeping multiple windows open and tiled. However, the Binder displays a list of all documents and allows the user, through Scrivening mode to see docs in combination which provides something similar.