Multiple projects, Tabs, One Scrivener?

I just heard that in Scrivener 3, you can have multiple projects open in tabs contained within one instance of Scrivener! How would I go about doing that?

It’s in fact a compatibility with the underlying Mac feature for doing this; thus you can use the universal methods found within the Window and View menus, for managing tabs and merging windows. The Window ▸ Merge All Windows command is the simplest way to get started, but for a finer approach, you can use the View ▸ Show Tab Bar command on each project you want to combine, and drag the tabs from one window to another.

Thank you so much Amber! I really appreaciate it! This is going to make things go a lot smoother for me when I am working within multiple projects at the same time!

My apologies, if any are needed, for replying to a two-year-old post. I just discovered this function today by accident. (I’ve had Scrivener since July 2021. eep!) Anyway, I am working on a short story that is a part of a much larger storyverse and I needed to look up something in the series’ ‘bible,’ which is mostly in the binder of a novel in said universe. Up until ten minutes ago, separate windows would open, one for each project and I would have to manually switch back and forth between windows. However, I see that the novel opened in another tab of the short story project. I came here with the intent of asking “Since when has this been possible?” since I heard that tab functions were disabled by Apple. But the forum told me my question was similar to others, and this was the best one.

This is really helpful (both the multiple projects in tabs in one window and the forum seeing a potentially redundant topic.)

I must have accidentally selected the ‘merge all windows’ command at some point recently.

two years or not , I’d been looking for this feature everywhere , except here , meaning = this is the place to get good advice from people that really use Scrivener

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True. I’m a member of some Scrivener forums on Facebook, MeWe and Reddit. People ask questions there and I know the answers are here. Those other forums are fine, but this is where it’s at!

Please encourage people to come here, or to contact support when they have questions that aren’t being answered by those fora.

I helped someone recently who was very frustrated because they’d “looked all over the Internet” for an answer that turned out to be very simple. They “looked all over the internet,” but apparently not in the Tutorial, the manual, or this forum. :woman_shrugging:


I sometimes do that; however, from now on I will encourage people to come here. It just makes sense.

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I’m returning to University work and will be recommending Scrivener constantly

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