Multiple Scapples Open

Wow, first post in Scapple/Windows Tech Support. I feel like a pioneer, going where no man has gone before…

Anyway, I just bought Scapple for Windows and I have a quick question: when I open Scapple I get a blank board, as expected. I then choose to reopen an existing Scapple project and I get a new instance of Scapple running alongside the first instance that I opened. So I have two instances running-- the original blank instance and the instance resulting from my opening an existing project. Is there a way to have only one instance running? I would have thought that when I opened the existing project, the blank instance would have been replaced. Did I miss something in the options settings?

I’ve seen the same behavior and also wish I could control it (“control it” meaning make it not happen…)

Cheers & hope this helps,

There is not an option at the moment to automatically close the blank board when a new document is opened, but we’ll take a look at the possibility for the future.

My solution to this is to simply create a shortcut on my desktop to the actual .scap file(s) that I have ongoing. When you click the shortcut then you get the specific Scapple file that you want opened.

I totally agree this is a problem. I think Scapple should open the last file used, similar to Scrivener. I will be using the shortcut on my desktop to my actual .scap file in the future, but I believe there is a better solution.

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