Multiple screenplay management


So I’m writing for a TV show rather than a movie, hence I’d like to keep all of my notes gathered together in one project, making it easier for me to figure out what’s used and what’s not.

The problem is that I can’t seem to create another screenplay project within the same project.
I tried copying and importing other projects. Either way made compiling to final draft impossible, as it comes out as a folder rather than a draft.

Is there any easy way to approach this?


The best way to do this is as follows:

  1. Rename the “Draft” or “Screenplay” folder (whatever it’s called in your project) “Screenplays” - obviously that’s not the important part though. :slight_smile:

  2. In the Draft/Screenplays folder, create a folder for each new episode.

  3. Create your script inside the episode folder exactly as you would with the Draft folder - that is, treat the subfolder exactly as you would the Draft folder.

  4. In Compile, choose the folder of the episode you want to export from the top of the “Contents” pane - there’s a pop-up button there that shows the Draft folder by default, but you can choose to compile only a subfolder. (You will also want to untick the folder itself for compile, as it will appear at the top of the contents list.)

  5. In the “Script Settings” pane, tick “Compile ignoring levels outside the current compile group”. This tells Scrivener that the subfolder you selected in (4) should be treated as though it is the entire draft.

With that set-up, each of the subfolders in your Draft/Screenplays folder will be treated as though they are are individual Draft folders in themselves - you just choose the episode you want to compile and you should be good to go.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Another technique I use, which may or may not work well with what Keith’s described, is to use one of the meta-data fields for info on which episode the document belongs to. Then you can filter the compile by that info (EG ‘Ep1’, ‘Ep2’, ‘Ep3’ etc.)

I may have done a slight deviation of what you suggested KB, as the name of the scrivener project came out on all of final draft pages.

Anyway, I want a finished episode out of my way, so I ended up doing what you suggested as treating a folder as an episode. Everytime I finish one episode/folder I move it to the bottom of the binder. This way, there’s space between the episode I’m writing on and the research folder, no matter how long the season develops.

So I move the folder of the episode I want to compile into ‘Screenplay’ and simply compile the entire draft as I would normally do.

Hope that makes sense and thank you for your help.

It makes sense. :wink:

This sounds like the project name was in the header–you can fix that by going into the compile settings and clicking on the Page Settings tab. In the Header/Footer boxes, replace <$projectname> (or <$projecttitle>) with <$compilegroup>. This will then dynamically adjust every time you compile to use the folder name of the episode you’ve selected to compile rather than the project name.