Multiple Scripts in the same project

I’m writing a comic series and I was wondering if it’s possible to write each script within the same project so I have all the additional resources on hand and don’t have to copy things between projects. But will this cause issues when printing and versioning? And what about the title page materials, is it possible to create multiple title pages within the same project?

So long as both scripts use the same format, there should be no issues with doing that—it would be very similar to anyone writing a trilogy into the same project for example. Closer to what you’re doing, I once encountered someone who had written an entire television show in one project—every episode and season. That’s a lot of scripts! :slight_smile:

That isn’t a feature. A “title page” is just a file in the binder, feel free to make a thousand of them if you want. :slight_smile: Something like this in your draft folder might do:


Then when you compile you just pick which book to compile from the top of the Contents pane on the right-hand side of the compile overview screen.

Yes, this is entirely possible. What you will want to do is create a subfolder inside the Draft folder for each script. Then use each of those subfolders as if it were the entire Draft folder for that particular script. When you come to Compile, choose the subfolder for the script you want to print or export in the top-right of the Compile panel, and tick “Treat compile group as complete manuscript”. This essentially makes it so that each subfolder in the Draft folder is a Draft folder unto itself.

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