Multiple users on one computer?

Hey, folks. Is it possible to run Scrivener on more than one User Account on the same computer? When I try, I’m told that I only have 30 days left!

Thanks in advance,

Have you put the serial number in on the other accounts? When you buy the program, you get a total of four seats (and plus one seat for every purchase thereafter), so it shouldn’t be a problem to do this; but they do need to be registered.

Where can I find my serial number? It doesn’t appear to be in the “About” box.

You should have received an email when you bought it. Basically it looked like an invoice. It will have the serial number, and instructions on how to use it.

I’m afraid mine was a review copy: I never received that email – or I can’t find it). I did receive a Coupon Code, but when I tried to use it again (after clicking “Buy Now”) I was told that “The usage count for the coupon entered has been exceeded.”

Any other ideas?

But when you entered the coupon code at the store and entered all of your details, you should have received an e-mail with your licence number, which you must have entered to unlock the 30 day trial on your main account.

If you e-mail me at with your details I should be able to track down your serial number if you can’t. :slight_smile:

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Gah! I found that email – I’d misfiled it. And the registration code worked as it should. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for the quick response!

If Scrivener is in the Applications folder, then all users should be able to access it without needing to have to add the serial number for each username.

Of course, you do need a serial number.

I only have one log-in on my machine, so I can’t test it, but isn’t that correct?

This question raises the issue of whose preferences take control. I’d be curious to know how this plays out. Are preferences stored in the user account or at the system level? Maybe I need to do some experimenting.

…hmmm, I only see Preferences at the user level for Literature and Latte.

Is my original statement wrong then?