Multiple users

Hello hello,

Quick question… is there any way to alert a user if someone is currently using a Scriv file?

Here’s the scenerio: scriv file is kept on a workgroup server, multiple users have access to it and they are constantly adding and moving docs around…

I just discovered this morning that if the file is open on another person’s cpu, any changes I make are not kept and vice versa. Because we never know when someone is in there, I see the potential for disaster there…

Using this same system for Word docs, Word alerts the user that the file is in use… (it then offers to make a new doc and all that, but that is unnecessary… a simple alert would do.)

Anything like that?


Hmm, not a bad idea. There is no way currently, but I’ll add it to the list. You are right that this could potentially be dangerous, so I will look into ways of adding an alert panel.

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As always, thanks for the consideration!

Not to discourage Keith from implementing a band-aid fix, but isn’t this really an OS level problem? Rather than seeing every application implement it’s own version of a fix, perhaps it would be better to devote some time to getting Apple to address this issue system wide, for any app that edits documents…

Just a thought…