Multiple Virtual Papers - Is This Possible?

I’ve been trying out Scapple and I do like it and plan to buy it, but I’m curious: is there a way to have multiple virtual papers within a single document? I’m calling it “virtual paper” because that’s what it’s first called in the Quick Start Guide.

To me, it’s fun to just start mapping out ideas and brainstorming in Scapple, but I can see how this can get to be a huge layout with hundreds of notes and ideas. I don’t always need to be able to see the entire universe in one vast expanse, but I’d like to have all the brainstorming stored in one file. Is there a way to somehow apply a hyperlink to some text on the virtual paper that would open a different virtual paper within the same document?

If there isn’t a way to do this, it would be nice to have it in the future. It could even be some kind of fancy “zoom” feature that allows you to connect text to an expanded range of ideas that is then shrunk to a little box you can click on to zoom into it. You could have nested boxes and zoom in to an infinite level, not that actual infinity would even be necessary. But it would make the brainstorming kind of three-dimensional because you’d jump from a big box into a small box that contains other boxes that you could also jump into; as I said, I can see how this can get quite messy if I’m trying to connect a huge number of ideas to one concept.

But thank you for Scapple. Payday is next week. :smiley:

Possibly a folded edge along the side to where if click it ‘flips’ like a page to another clean sheet or an attached one.