Multiple Windows, Dual Monitors

It does not appear that Scrivener has true dual monitor, multiple window capacity (as, for example, Mozilla Firefox does). That is very important to me, and extremely useful. Stretching one window over two monitors is not at all equivalent. I hope this is added.

I am new to Scrivener, so perhaps I just haven’t figured this out yet. I searched the items on wishlist, but if there is a solution to this, I missed it.

Thank you!

The ability to break off one of Scrivener’s panes would be worthwhile, especially the overcrowded Inspector.

In the meantime, I can recommend a technique that will be especially handy for dual monitor users. I’ve been using the document viewer “TextMaker Viewer”, available free of charge at:

It’ll allow you to view multiple RTF files, tiled, cascaded, tabbed and zoomed. You can drag a document from Scrivener’s Binder, or from the corkboard or outliner, into the TextMaker Viewer window, and a static copy will open for read only. So you can use your secondary monitor as a reference and clipping pane for Scrivener documents.

Rgds – Jerome

What about using Scrivener’s “Open as QuickReference” feature?

Someday. Pippi is on the Windows platform.

I’ve learnt to check, but sometimes I forget my lessons.

This is a feature that would really be very helpful. It really would just be about opening the same file via multiple windows, like the way MS Word does this for you.

I mean, right now, we have a “draft” folder and a “notes” folder, but there is no way to view notes+ drafts side by side. Right now, I just end up creating a “notes” .scriv file and a “project” .scriv file to circumvent the problem but it seems to completely defeat the point of having a “notes folder” to do something like this.

I imagine the biggest problem would be if the same scrivenings are open on both windows, which would probably create a conflict of some sort.

QuickReference panels will be coming to Windows in the next major version, which allows you to have documents open in more than one window (the outliner, corkboard, binder and inspector are always tied to the main window).

Is there any reason why more or less the same thing couldn’t be done by creating a pasteboard Scrivener side project on a second monitor, and dragging from A to B, for at least two docs worth? It wouldn’t even need to be read only as the drag creates a wholly independent copy in the second project’s save path. Of course, file management rears its ugly head… ironic, as that’s one of Scrivener’s strengths.

Definitely, side by side viewing of sidebar tabs would be very nice. I keep wanting to drag a collection tab and and detach it from the rest of the sidebar, pallet style. I often want to do the same with the Inspector modules.

Great job Keith!
I too use multiple monitors, usually running a web browser for research in the 2nd monitor - when I find the information I need I link it to the Research side of Scrivener.
It would be great to have one monitor displaying the Research and another the Draft aspects of Scrivener.
Thank you again.

Another big tick from me for this.

It would be handy to have the plot outline on one monitor, so that it is in view all of the time, and have a nice clear working space to bang away at the draft itself on the other.

I appreciate that you can split the screen, but that does make the actual writing area feel cramped.