Multiple windows-instances working withe the SAME project at the SAME time?

Hello, I’d like to know if it is planned that Scrivener 3 for Windows will be able to open two or more Windows instances simultaneously editing the SAME project. This would be a big help for my way of working!

Simple answer, no it won’t. That way, conflicts and potentially disaster to the project would ensue. Scrivener cannot be used for simultaneous editing by two collaborators and what you are asking for is merely another version of that.

(Works collaboratively with Scrivener, but is merely a long-term user, not a member of the team.)

Thanks for the quick and clear answer!

Perhaps you can achieve what you want with some of the options Scrivener does have:

  1. Dual pane edit display
    2.Quick Reference mode. - I don’t use the dual pane, but I use Quick Reference frequently. It allows you to pull one article out as a separate window and place it onto a 2nd screen, and work viewing both of them. Of course it wouldn’t HAVE to be a 2nd monitor. Essentially, you get two separate windows.
  2. Bookmarks - In addition to the two edit windows you get with Quick Reference, you can have bookmarks displaying extensive notes inside the inspector panel. So even without dual pane editor display, it is easy to have three separate windows.