Multiplying inspector buttons

I recently updated to Scrivener version 3.2.2, on an early 2015 MacBook Air running macOS Sierra 10.12.6. Not long after, the usual one Inspector button in the upper right multiplied (to two or three, I think). Today, the number is up to 13! Also, the search bar that normally sits at the top of the binder has disappeared. To wit:

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 1.56.18 PM.png[/attachment]

Has anyone else had this happen? Might it be because my system software is too old, or because I don’t have much free space on my hard drive? (I store most files in iCloud and Dropbox, but still my hard drive is straining. It usually starts out with around 12 GB free on a 256 GB drive whenever I restart, but within hours – using files, drawing from the cloud, etc – it drops back down to like 4 GB.)

Thanks for your help/insight as a first-time poster … desperate especially to get the search bar back!

That’s a new one.

Please reset the project display settings, as explained here: … y-settings

Does that help?


On a different note, if you are running with only 12GB free on a 256GB hard drive, leave alone if it drops down to 4GB in usage, you can expect problems. The normal recommendation is to have at least 15GB free, and even that is truly minimal.

I had to come to the rescue of a Mac using colleague in China who couldn’t do any work on her MBP with that size of hard drive. She only had 5GB free. One of her students (who didn’t know Macs!) had a look at it, but couldn’t help because with so little free space, he couldn’t even move some of her photos onto thumb drives to free up space. He told her she would have to buy a new laptop as it was faulty! I took her to an Apple dealer I knew, who took out the HD, put it in an external enclosure for her and fitted a new and bigger HD, upgrading the OS on the way by, for the equivalent of £60–70!

Get yourself an external SSD—they’re not that expensive now—and move anything you’re not having to use every day onto it to free up more space on your HD.



Katherine — thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t know about resetting project display settings and just tried it … alas, though it did collapse everything in a clean way, it did not do anything about the 13 Inspector buttons or the missing search bar.

Mark — thanks for your advice. Once upon a time I did have an external drive, but in more recent years I’ve been saving everything to iCloud and Dropbox, so that I have a local icon/shortcut but the files only get downloaded to my local drive as-needed or if they’re used often. I thought that would do the trick for clearing up space, but I seem to have so much stuff stored that it’s still a problem.

Alternatively, I didn’t actually realize the original SSD hard drive inside a 2015 MacBook Air could be replaced/expanded until now. Maybe that’s a solution? Anyone know if it’s worth it? I’m not really in a position right now to buy a new laptop, but I wonder if it’s worth spending a few hundred dollars on internal storage for 4-5 year-old laptop vs waiting to buy a new MacBook. I’m also not sure I would trust myself to pry open the case and install the new drive properly.

I also reached out to the help email about the 13 Inspector buttons and missing search bar and will let you know when I hear back. Thanks!

I had the same problem. Although all the icons said “inspector”, they still had their original functionality intact when selected, so it seemed to be a graphical glitch only.

I went to View > Customise Toolbar and then dragged the default toolbar back into place. After checking that was working, I went back into the setting and tweaked the icons to my preferences.

Hope this helps.


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YAY! That did the trick! I went to customize toolbar, dragged the default set of tools back in … and now it looks just right! Thank you, LO/Login! … (And Mark, I also followed your advice and moved a lot of files to an external drive, then updated my system software, so my computer should work better all-around, even if that alone didn’t solve the squirrelly Scrivener display … until I came back here and got the customized-toolbar advice.) Thanks to all for the advice!

Glad to hear it is working for you again.



Weird. Had the same issue and this solution worked for me in solving it as well. Thanks ericm79 for asking the question and Login for finding the solution. :slight_smile: