Must I use Quicktime for audio files

I’d like to transcribe some audio interviews, and it seems I must use Quicktime to import them. Today I recorded a phone interview in GarageBand, then converted this file to MP3 (except it actually came out as a MPEG-4), moved that into iTunes, then imported that into Scrivener. I can play it in Scrivener.

I can have the audio on one screen and split it, with my text on the other. Well, this works. Do I still need Quicktime?

I ask because I have Quicktime, which came on my MacBook, but not Quicktime Pro, which of course has a lot more features. But it’s thirty bucks. I can buy it, but do I need it?

Hi millie,

I’m not quite sure what you mean. “QuickTime” can mean a few things. It is 1) a program that you get with your Mac, and of which you can indeed buy a Pro version; 2) a framework that developers can put into their applications to provide media support. For 2) you need the basic installation of QuickTime on your computer (the free version of QuickTime which comes with your computer anyway).

QuickTime can play most media file formats. Thus, to play most video and audio files in Scrivener, you just need to make sure that the basic installation of QuickTime is there. (If it’s not, Scrivener won’t open anyway, so you’ll know about it. :slight_smile: ) You most certainly do not need to go out and buy any other software for playing media files in Scrivener. Buying QuickTime Pro would have no effect on Scrivener whatsoever.

I’m not sure that answers you question… I hope so. :slight_smile:

All the best,

You know, I suppose it is playing in Quicktime – the tiny logo at the top of the active audio file screen appears to be Quicktime – but I guess what I meant is that you cannot save in the the pre-installed plain vanilla version. You can play, but not save, an audio file. I had to use iTunes for that. Then I dragged the file into the Research binder.

But this method is working great. Thanks.

The QuickTime logo inside Scrivener is just a small image that I put there to indicate that the file is a media file. Scrivener uses the QuickTime framework for that.

But yes, if you are using the standard QuickTime installation, you cannot record - though this has nothing to do with Scrivener. :slight_smile: