Mx Revolution scroll wheel doesn't like Scrivener

Does anyone here use the MX Revolution with Scrivener? I do and the scroll wheel doesn’t work properly when I click open file. It bascially freezes and I have to use the up and down arrows on the side bar.

Any ideas?

I have the same mouse and have never seen an issue like that specific to Scrivener. Are you using any kind of driver software? The Logitech software/driver is notoriously horrendous and buggy.

I am using Logitech’s software. The mouse works find when I use different drivers but unfortunately I need to use Logitech Control Centre to control my keyboard.

Any ideas?

Nothing comes to mind as I’ve only ever installed the Logitech control centre once before, and that was with a different mouse even I think. This problem does not appear in any other applications at all? What about Mail? That’s another one that has a sidebar that updates a text area. Also how do you have your wheel set up? Does the flywheel release come on when you middle click, or is it set to automatically engage at certain speeds?

It appears in applications where I open a dialogue box e.g. If I start Firefox and select open file. I’ve it set up in click to click mode. I’ve the middle click turned off.

Oops, sorry I read the first thing wrong. I thought you meant opening documents in the Binder. Yes, the open dialogue is one of those shared things used by many applications. Perhaps there is some similarity in what the Firefox developers are doing, but to me both look like “vanilla” implementations of this dialogue box.

Whatever the case, it is likely an issue with the driver itself. You could try re-installing it, or checking to see if there is an update. Switched to Snow Leopard recently by any chance?