My 3rd book, AntiHelix, is out now, after moving to PC

My third book, AntiHelix, is now out on Amazon and Smashwords, with the paperback due in a week or so. It’s a science fiction/Space Opera/steampunk novel and third in The Book of the Colossus series. The first two are called Thumb and Ragged Claws. Here’s the blurb:

[i]Remorseless, vicious and brilliant - General Crysanthe Uella has dedicated her life to ensuring humanity will escape from the embers of a dead universe. But the corrupt lords of a decaying empire have betrayed her, tearing away everything and everyone she ever cared for. She has one last chance to redeem herself - a final mission far to the east, in a realm filled with rumours of a madness that consumes entire cities.

Reluctant rulers of a race of monsters, Max and Abby finally possess the technology to carry them deep into the kingdom of the Machine Men. To do so they must first pass the AntiHelix, an immense fortress citadel inhabited by a civilisation ancient, decadent and cruel whose agents are even now hunting them down. [/i]

If you are interested in the book please check it out on Amazon (though I’d recommend the other two first, and they are on special offer at the moment).

Ragged Claws:

It was written in Scrivener, of course, but this is the first book I’ve done on a PC. For a whole range of reasons I’ve moved from Mac to Windows and I’ve found the change a lot less unsettling than I thought it would be. Scrivener is virtually the same, with only some very minor differences - none of which affected my workflow. For the other apps I use I’ve swapped InDesign for Mellel, Photoshop for Pixelmator and Q10 for Ommwriter and the results are as good, if not better, than the quality of the work I was outputting on the Mac. So if anyone’s thinking of moving in the same direction I found it pretty straightforward.

Well done and good luck.

Wonder if the blurb in the image needs a TO between FORCED and CONFRONT. Appreciate that it might be a stylised choice: writer’s privilege.

You are absolutely right - well spotted! Blurb amended. :slight_smile:

The joy of POD and ebooks: the ability to make changes so easily.

The curse of POD and ebooks: the ability to make changes so easily … and being tempted to tinker forever. :wink:

Good luck with sales.

Great eye-catching cover.