My book on Kindle ... and some thoughts

I wonder what the future of the book printed on paper will be, after Amazon’s Kindle completes its destiny of changing the face of publishing in the way Apple’s ipod changed the face of music. This democratization of publishing is happening at a breathtaking speed - have the main stream media noticed? And adapted?
I’ve been more than pleased by publishing with the minimum of fuss, my novel on Amazon Kindle: … 920&sr=1-1

Frank, congratulations on your book. You’ve been so busy creating it, perhaps you’ve missed the literally hundreds of articles published recently about the rise of e-books and the decline of print, in either paper or hard back. One of the best sources is Publisher’s Weekly. PS: I see you are a trauma surgeon, so that’s another reason not to follow publishing news much. Good luck on the book!

Many thanks, Druid. Very Kind.
Guess I need to catch up on the rapid march of the ebook and the certainty that this flood will soon engulf the world of the printed book. Cheers.

I am also serializing my novel for free!
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