My cursor doesn't appear in notes....why,?

Gotta be simple, right?

If you want help, you have to tell us more!

  • Which version of MacOS?
  • Which version of Scapple?
  • Which theme are you using?
  • What colour is the note background?
  • What colour is the text?

The more info you give us, the greater the chance that someone can work out what’s happening.


Apologies for being obtuse. It’s mostly a problem when the background is white and the font black.

Mac OS Monterey
Early 2015

Scapple, 1.4.2
theme: huh?
colour: most of them
text: usually black

Theme = light or dark (I don’t actually know if it’s possible to create other themes in Scapple).

Is your cursor black too? It’s not the same colour as the background to your notes?

I think there might be an update to Monterey. Someone else might know if there is any incompatibility between Scapple 1.4.2 and Monterey.

I hope someone else can help you. I don’t use Scapple much and my computers are on Sonoma 14.4. I’ve never seen this problem.