My cursor is huge.

My cursor is huge and is putting big spaces between my lines, but I’m not sure why. I have my font size set to 12 and my spacing set to single. So far I haven’t had this problem. I’ve been putting new folders for each chapter, then adding a text document into the folders and typing the actual work into the text documents. Normally when I click on the folder for a chapter, I see that there’s white space at the top, then a line break, and my chapter starts. (Of course when I look at the actual text document, it’s just text.)

My current newest folder looks like this:

Usually only the top line is there and my text starts below.

I’ve deleted the entire folder and remade it, but it’s still doing that when I make new folders. For the life of me I can’t figure out what I may have accidentally done or how to fix it.


It is only doing this with the Cambria Math font. I’ve used that font the entire time and it never did that. I switched to plain Cambria and it fixed itself. I find this strange but I’ll live. Also Cambria Math could actually be for math and I’ve just been brilliantly naive this entire time. What a fantastic first post I’ve made.