My entire document has vanished under Scrivener

New User Heads-Up

I wrote a first draft novel of 54110 words, which the Scrivener Target board still agrees is there. But when I click on 3/4 of the scenes, they have their titles, but the text shows up blank. Scrivener support says it was because it was saved on iCloud (which I did not select. I let Scrivener choose the saving place. But I cannot prove to Apple that it saves there.) Apple says “the third party software” is messing up. I’m in the middle with only 6-8000 words I can retrieve right now. I strongly recommend that any new user find out for certain where and how Scrivener saves its stuff. This is still not clear to me after 2 weeks of Scrivener support; perhaps because I have been in a nightmare. Presently I am printing out a hard copy of everything I write. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Scrivener, and it had all the documents after I did that, but today it started eating them again. The manuscript will show up as complete with all its Chapters and scenes, and it seems to work fine and then it just nukes everything. I am using a new MacBook with El Capitan, but it was on Yosemite when this started. I have plenty of GB on iCloud storage. This is devastating beyond words. I can’t even get mad. I’m too distraught for that.

If you haven’t already, you can look for Scrivener’s automatic backups by going to Scrivener -> Preferences -> Backups, and clicking the button to open the backup folder in Finder.

I haven’t reviewed your Scrivener support ticket, so I don’t know what my colleagues may have suggested already. I do know that Scrivener saves a project in the location you specify when you create it. If that location happens to be accessible to iCloud then yes, there can definitely be problems.