My Feedback: Excellent Upgrade!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the work you put into this program. If only everyone who coded apps cared as you and your team do. I’ve got several ongoing projects; among them a long journal with many, many entries (and a lot of pdf resources), and a growing binder of songs and musical documents. Scrivener is BY FAR the best app I’ve ever encountered for managing these (I tried quite a few before I stumbled onto you). Now with v.2 your new Collections option has suddenly made my life once again a dozen times easier.

Our family motto is “Never Ever Pay Full Price” but I’d happily pay twice or more what you ask for this app. Please never lower your standards, and you’ll never lack for committed supporters! Kudos all round to the team.

editorbob, many thanks for your kind words! I very much appreciate it. Among all the late nights of bug fixing and trying to keep on top of everything, it’s always great to hear from a happy user - thank you!
All the best,