My first post is gone

hi. I wrote a very detailed bug report and posted in the Mac OS scrivener section. I saw the post was there. today I logged back in to look for replies and the post is gone. any ideas? I don’t want to do it again. thanks

btw, as the subject noted, it was my first post ever. do you think its on hold for some reason to get approved or something? I would think I would still see it.

I looked in your user panel, and unfortunately yes, it seems to have disappeared…

The system shows that you deleted your own post around a day ago. Unfortunately after around 24 hours, the system cleans up deletions and wipes them from the server. Up to that point however, one has the ability to restore (or contact a mod to help them restore—I’m not actually sure if the “This post has been deleted” phantom entry is something everyone can see).

I poked around to see if there was some way I could resurrect it, but after a post is purged that’s it, best I can tell.

yeah I didn’t delete it

I’m sure it was an accident, but that’s what the server logs show, they are very detailed:


That said, I have good news. As I was going through the more detailed log, I found the right button to click and located the deleted post , and was able to resurrect it.


Ok cool. Thanks. Not sure what happened there. I’ll take a look at your response and reply. Appreciate it